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01 Dec 2015 | Tue

Day 14 of 47

Today’s Events:

– Drive to Mount Popa – Our Car Broke Down

– Roadside Palm Sugar Demonstration Farm and Distillery Mount Popa

– Mount Popa Bagan – Nat Spirits | Hordes of Monkeys | 777 Steps!

– Mount Popa Local Market

> Dhammayangyi Temple Bagan <

– Colorful Ox Carts Bagan

– Visited Renovated Temple

– Our Second Sunset in Bagan

– Star Beam Bistro Bagan

– Dhammayangyi Temple Bagan –

Built in 1167 AD by King Narathu (1167-1170), Dhammayangyi Temple is the largest Temple in Bagan.  King Narathu was a wicked King who came into power by murdering his own king’s father (Alaungsithu), Narathu, and brother (smothering them to death) along with executing one of his wives (Indian princess) for practicing her Hindu rituals.  This would end up being King Narathu’s downfall as he was later assassinated by priest-assassins sent by the princess’ angry father.

It is thought that King Narathu wanted to build the largest and most magnificent Temple in Bagan as a way to atone for his sins.  His wickedness would also carry over into the construction as he would have masons executed if a needle could be pushed between any of the laid bricks.  For this reason, is why Dhammayangyi Temple is known for its fine brickwork (probably the best in Bagan).

The interior of the Temple is sealed and cannot be entered.  It is thought that after King Narathu was assassinated the angry brick masons filled the interior spaces with brick rubble.

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