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Daikanyama Candy Apple Kiyomizu Ninenzaka

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24 Feb 2024 | Sat

Day 05 of 17

  • Shinkansen Bullet Train – Tokyo to Kyoto
  • View Mount Fuji from Tokyo to Kyoto Bullet Train
  • Shizutetsu Hotel Prezio Kyoto Shijo
  • Walking Kyoto’s Famous Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka Streets
  • Hokan-ji Temple Kyoto
  • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple Gate Kyoto
  • Daikanyama Candy Apple Kiyomizu Ninenzaka
  • Daidokoro Forested Slope to Kōdaiji Temple
  • Walk Back to Hotel

Daikanyama Candy Apple Kiyomizu Ninenzaka

During our visit to Kyoto, we stumbled upon a charming little shop on historic Ninenzaka street – known as Daikanyama Candy Apple Kiyomizu Ninenzaka. This shop, nestled among traditional Japanese buildings, is a delightful blend of old-world charm and modern trends.

Daikanyama Candy Apple Kiyomizu Ninenzaka

We were drawn in by the array of candy apples, each one more enticing than the last. The one that caught our eye was the “Yogurt Chocolate Candy Apple”. It was a unique twist on the classic treat, and we couldn’t resist giving it a try.

Large Selection of Candy Apples!

Yes, the prices were a bit steep (¥790.00 Yen / $5.16 USD), reflecting the shop’s popularity on Instagram/TikTok. But after that first bite of the Yogurt Chocolate Candy Apple, we knew it was worth every yen. The combination of tart apple, creamy yogurt, and rich chocolate was a taste sensation we won’t soon forget.

In short, our visit to Daikanyama Candy Apple was a highlight of our Kyoto trip. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking for a unique, Instagram-worthy treat in a beautiful setting. We can’t wait to go back!

Delicious authentic sweets apple candy…

“We want you to eat delicious apple candy.” That’s all we want to do. Through trial and error, we have put a lot of effort into providing “Genuine Rin Candy” to everyone. Regarding the main apples, the taste will be completely different depending on the production area, type, and season. What is the balance between sweetness and sourness in apples? What is their texture and texture? What is the compatibility between fruit juice and candy? Any kind of apple is delicious, but when you make it into candy apples, the taste changes dramatically. [Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter] We know which apples are in the best condition in all seasons and provide you with the apple candy that everyone loves.

– Daikanyama Candy Apple > Website

Map | Daikanyama Candy Apple Kiyomizu Ninenzaka

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