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Concrete Sculptor Creating Naga at Wat Ban Ngao

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02 Dec 2017 | Sat

Day 04 of 30

Today’s Events:

– Wat Hua Dong Ngao Thoeng Under Construction

> Concrete Sculptor Creating Naga at Wat Ban Ngao <

– Ghost Spirit House Chiang Raeng

– Wat Nantaram Chiang Kham Teak Temple

– Tai Lue Weaving Ban Thung Mok

– Phu Pheem Koff Coffee

– Phu Sang National Park and Hot Spring Waterfall

– Thai Phayao Laos Border Ban Huak

– Concrete Sculptor Creating Naga at Wat Ban Ngao –

Sculptor Artist Creating Naga

The photos below are from another new local Wat Temple being constructed (Wat Ban Ngao).  We got lucky as we were able to watch a talented concrete sculptor artist working on a large Naga head.  The amount of detail in these sculptures is amazing.  The picture above shows one completed.  The Naga is one of many guardian-type figures which keeps away bad spirits and features in Hindu and Buddhist mythology.  They are commonly found at the front of a Wat Temple usually with their bodies depicted into the grand entrance stairwell.  I really like the detail shown in the back leg with the skeleton-like feet (a detail I’ve never seen before).

The Buddha image at this Wat Temple is large and impressive.  A lot of detail is going into the paintings that are currently being done around the perimeter of the interior walls.  I’m sure it will be quite beautiful when complete.

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