Surat Thani

Chak Phra Festival 2019 | Surat Thani, Thailand | Sound & Light Show

Saturday Evening (Sound & Light Show) | 12 October 2019

We ventured into the main part of town which was beautifully setup and decorated (along Tapi River and Naris Bridge). They had a large stage area along with a long section of street setup for a mini parade like area. Instead of rolling out the red carpet, here (on the street) they roll out a thick white vinyl material. At the halfway point of the street (on one side) is a large stage. Across from this is a seating area for local officials, military/police, etc. Local people (and visitors) fill in all of the remaining areas, along both side of the street. Along with the stage area they also have an impressive sound system to match. Everything is beautifully decorated for this one special night of the year!

Check out our YouTube video that covers this awesome event!:

2 thoughts on “Chak Phra Festival 2019 | Surat Thani, Thailand | Sound & Light Show”

    • Thank you Jason! When we arrived to that spot we had no idea what was getting ready to take place. It was one of those “in the right place at the right time” kind of things. And your right, what a wonderful spot it was to stumble upon! On top of this, I filmed the entire event with my Pixel 3a phone which I thought turned out great. We hope to be so lucky for all of our future events and festivals! :^)


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