Surat Thani

Chak Phra Festival 2019 | Surat Thani, Thailand | Calendar of Events

We came to this town festival sight unseen – no previous research, other than the hotel we reserved. So not only did we not really know where to go we had no idea of the schedule for all the various events. It’s one of those things where the locals “know the drill” so we immediately started asking around on where to go and what to do.

Calendar of Events

Friday (11 Oct 2019)
No official events, everyone is setting up / preparing for the festival

Saturday Evening (12 Oct 2019)
Light and Sound Show (at riverside)

Sunday Day (13 Oct 2019)
Long Boat Races (at Tapi River)

Sunday Evening (13 Oct 2019)
Gathering of the Floats (along Donnok Road – south side of town)

Monday (14 Oct 2019)
All Day Parade – started around 8am ended around 9:30pm (14.5 hours)

Tuesday through Friday (15-18 Oct 2019)
This period give people a chance to give/offer money to monks (make merit) to each of their floats throughout town. Each float has a series of offering plates (bowls) attached to each side of float. Most are labeled and arranged as days of the week – you would place money (1 to 2 baht coins) on the day you were born. There may also be bowls wishing for peace, happiness, health, etc. Along with offering bowls, each float has one or more monks that spread holy water (special bamboo water sticks) on people who pass by.

Sunday (19 Oct 2019)
Running Event (Holy Water Run) at Naris Bridge

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