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Bhutanese Folk Performer Jigme Drukpa

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07 Nov 2019 | Thu

Day 01 of 13

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  • Bhutanese Folk Performer Jigme Drukpa

Bhutanese Folk Performer Jigme Drukpa

After checking in and settling in at Norkhil Boutique Hotel and Spa it was time for our afternoon performance by Mr. Jigme Drukpa (Bhutanese Folk Performer/Songwriter/Ethnomusicologist).

Jigme Drukpa Performing Traditional Bhutanese Song

“Jigme Drukpa is the country’s leading traditional musician. Globalization is making Bhutan’s young people lose touch with the music of their ancestors. Jigme is trying to create something new with a band that includes traditional Bhutanese instruments, the violin, and Indian instruments. He describes the charm and appeal of Bhutanese music and how he is trying to preserve his country’s musical heritage, while at the same time adapting it to the 21st century.”

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“Jigme Drukpa is a Bhutanese musician and singer of traditional folk songs, born in 1969 in the small village of Wongchelo, in Pemagatshel, eastern Bhutan. He graduated from Sherubtse College in 1993 and undertook postgraduate studies in Norway. He studied folk music at Rauland Academy and ethno music at Grieg Academy, and returned to Bhutan in 1999 as the country’s first ethno-musicologist.”

– from Wikipedia Jigme Drukpa

Performance of History & Culture

Mr. Jigme Drukpa went into great detail about traditional Bhutanese instruments, music, and culture, including performing several traditional Bhutanese songs. Afterward, we got to interact with Mr. Drukpa, by asking questions and taking a closer look at the instruments. It was a great experience and something we all enjoyed very much.

Bhutanese Folk Performer Jigme Drukpa

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