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Baphuon Angkor

Baphuon Angkor is one of the most remarkable monuments in Cambodia’s famous Angkor Archaeological Park. The sandstone structure was built in the 11th century during the reign of King Udayadityavarman II and stands as a symbol of this ancient Khmer civilization. Located at the center of the Angkor Thom complex, Baphuon is an imposing three-tiered pyramid with a 50-meter-high base and a total height of nearly 40 meters. With its unique design, it has become one of the most visited sites in all of Southeast Asia.

Baphuon Angkor

The Baphuon temple features exquisite carvings that depict stories from Hindu mythology as well as scenes from everyday life during medieval times. Its intricate architecture is undoubtedly impressive; however, it’s been through some serious turmoil over its lifetime.

The Baphuon (Khmer: ប្រាសាទបាពួន) is a temple at Angkor, Cambodia. It is located in Angkor Thom, northwest of the Bayon.

Built in the mid-11th century, it is a three-tiered temple mountain  built as the state temple of Udayadityavarman II  dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. It is the archetype of the Baphuon style with intricate carvings covering every available surface. The temple adjoins the southern enclosure of the royal palace and measures 120 metres east-west by 100 metres north-south at its base and stands 34 meters tall without its tower, which would have made it roughly 50 meters tall. Its appearance apparently impressed Temür Khan’s late 13th century envoy Zhou Daguan during his visit from 1296 to 1297, who said it was ‘the Tower of Bronze…a truly astonishing spectacle, with more than ten chambers at its base.’

– Wikipedia Baphuon Angkor

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