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Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo

Japan Winter 2024

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20 Feb 2024 | Tue

Day 01 of 17

  • Flight | Bangkok to Tokyo Haneda
  • Train | Tokyo International Haneda to Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo
  • Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo
  • Sensō-ji Temple at Night

Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo

After passing through the check-in process at Tokyo International Haneda, we added money to our Japan PASMO Cards (rechargeable cards used to pay for public transportation throughout Japan). We still had the ones we purchased from our Tokyo visit in 2019. With Pasmo Cards in hand, we were ready to venture by train to our hotel – Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo.

With a little help from some of the attendants (who are super friendly), we quickly figured out that we needed to take the Keihin-Tōhoku Line/Asakusa Line combination. Even though it was two different lines, it was only a name change, so we had a direct train to Asakusa Station (close to our hotel).

After our 53-minute train journey, we arrived at Asakusa Station. It took us a few minutes to get our bearings but thanks to Google Maps, we quickly found the direction we needed to go to our hotel – which was only a few minutes away. Even though it was Feb 20th, it was usually warm – the high temperature for that day was 23.8°C (75°F). But it turned cold that night, with snow showers the next day.

Upon arriving at the Asakusa Tobu Hotel, we were promptly greeted by the friendly staff. The check-in process was smooth and efficient, and in no time, we found ourselves in our comfortable, modern room, ready to start our 18-day Japan adventure.

Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo – is as an accommodation-type hotel conveniently located in the gateway to the Asakusa area, just a one minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tobu Skytree Line and the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. In addition to sightseeing in this area, visitors may also use it as a starting point for travels to the Nikko and Kinugawa areas.

The Asakusa area where the hotel is located and the Tokyo Skytree area were integrated by the “Sumida River Walk” and the “Tokyo Mizumachi” shopping complex under the elevated railway.

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Entrance & Lobby

Entrance to Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo

Our Room

The room, though compact by Japanese standards, efficiently provided all necessary comforts. It featured two twin beds (pushed together), and adjustable lighting, heating, and air conditioning were all controlled via a touchpad. A small seating area, desk, television, and safe were also included. The Japanese-style bathroom combined a shower and tub, with a separate toilet room equipped with a typical (but amazing) Japanese bidet system. Despite its size, the room was comfortable and functional—we were very pleased!

Our Room at The Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo

Our Room

Restaurant / Breakfast

For breakfast, we were treated to an impressive Japanese-style spread: grilled salmon, Japanese-style eggs, fermented items (including natto), pork bacon and sausage, tofu, Japanese greens, miso soup, and steamed white rice. Additionally, there’s a selection of breads and pastries. In addition, they offered a specialized section that featured items such as eggs benedict and handcrafted Japanese rice balls (onigiri). The wonderful staff was so attentive and friendly. Breakfast each morning was one of the highlights of our stay here!

Eggs Benedict at The Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo

Map – Asakusa Tobu Hotel Tokyo

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