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Angkor Wat Sunrise

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25 Nov 2015 | Wed

Day 08 of 47

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> Angkor Wat Sunrise <

– Angkor Wat

– Bayon Angkor

– Baphuon Angkor

– Phimeanakas Angkor

– Terrace Leper King Angkor

– Ta Keo Angkor

– Ta Prohm Angkor

– Angkor Wat Sunrise –

Watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat requires getting up very early. We were picked up by our Tuk Tuk driver Thol around 4:30 am. This gave us time to get to the ticket office (which open 5:00 am) and then make our way to a good spot in front of the temple.

It was still dark when we arrive but a large crowd of people had already beat us to the best spots but we made out okay.

4 thoughts on “Angkor Wat Sunrise”

  1. RUINS and MONKEYS! A can’t miss tourist attraction! :^) Incredible! I remember how awestruck I was with the cathedral ruins (also 12th century) in St. Andrews, Scotland. (But no monkeys.)

    • For people like us who are not familiar with monkeys it was cool to see them however you could tell the locals don’t have much time for them. To them they are just a pest coming to steal food away or to aggravate you. We learned if there are moneys around you better not have any exposed food on or around you – they will take it away from you!


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