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Alms Giving Ceremony at Mon Bridge Sangkhla Buri

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Sangkhla Buri | Thailand

07 Feb 2020 | Fri

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  • Alms Giving Ceremony at Mon Bridge Sangkhla Buri
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Alms Giving Ceremony at Mon Bridge Sangkhla Buri

Life in Sangkhla Buri is simple but full of culture and tradition. One of the most important traditions is the alms-giving ceremony at Mon Bridge. Every morning, the monks from the nearby temple walk across the bridge to collect alms from villagers and tourists. They are given (offered) food and other necessities, and in return, the monks bless them. This centuries-old tradition is an important part of life in Sangkhla Buri.

Alms Giving Ceremony at Mon Bridge

This daily event is seen as a way to bring people together and strengthen the bonds between different members of the community. It also served as a reminder of the importance of giving back to those who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

It is also common for locals to dress in traditional Thai outfits and apply Tanaka face paint (see below) as a form of respect for the monks. If you are just visiting the area, there are people there who can provide this clothing for the ceremony (unfortunately, if you are tall, you’ll probably be out of luck).

Thanaka, also spelled Thanakha (Burmese: သနပ်ခါး; MLCTS: sa.nap hka:; pronounced [θənəkʰá]), is a paste made from ground bark. It is a distinctive feature of the culture of Myanmar, seen commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls, and is used to a lesser extent also by men and boys.

Thanaka cream is made by grinding the bark, wood, or roots of a thanaka tree with a small amount of water on a circular slate slab called kyauk pyin, which has a channel around the rim for the water to drain into.

Thanaka cream has been used by Burmese men, women, and children (especially women as make-up) for over 2,000 years. It has a fragrant scent somewhat similar to sandalwood. The creamy paste is applied to the face in attractive designs, the most common form being a circular patch on each cheek, nose, sometimes made stripey with the fingers known as thanaka bè gya, or patterned in the shape of a leaf, often also highlighting the bridge of the nose with it at the same time. It may be applied from head to toe (thanaka chi zoun gaung zoun). Apart from cosmetic beauty, thanaka also gives a cooling sensation and provides protection from sunburn. It is believed to help remove acne and promote smooth skin. It is also an anti-fungal. The active ingredients of thanaka are coumarin and marmesin.

Wikipedia Thanaka

The alms-giving ceremony in Sangkhla Buri is an important event for the Mon people. It is a time for them to give thanks to their ancestors and to the spirits that have protected them. It is also a time for them to ask for forgiveness and to request guidance in the future.

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